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New album: Results of Adults (Birmingham) – “Nudis Manubis” (YHT)

27 Dec 2012

written by You Hear This

New album: Results of Adults (Birmingham) - "Nudis Manubis" (YHT)


Results of Adults: Nudis Manubis (Self-Released)

Originally posted on You Hear This (read the full story there)


by Chris K. Davidson


Birmingham-based Results of Adults have crafted a sound on their debut record, Nudis Manibus, that is instantly familiar, yet indubitably innovative. Combining the 80s tradition of New Wave and punk with the late 60s psychedelic craze that inspired thousands of bands during that era, Results of Adults give their listeners a refreshing and enjoyable musical journey that has them pressing repeat as soon as the sixth track of this short, yet memorable EP finishes.

Beginning with a single distorted guitar line, opener track “Creatures” launches into a mix of dialogue, hypnotic bass and trance-like drums before launching into lyrics about space and “a love that will guide us forever.” The lyrics continue with a pronouncement of other worlds, interstellar love and a journey to the various planets. Vocally, the band recalls bands such as Pink Floyd and the music pushes the listener forward into a bizarre, yet unforgettable journey. The track ends with a conglomeration of sounds with a mix of adult dialogue and childlike laughter, flowing seamlessly into the next track.

“The Magic Blimp” does not continue with a barrage of distorted electric guitar, but approaches the listener with calming piano, acoustic guitar arpeggios and an assortment of “ah’s” and “oh’s.” The airborne theme is still present with the narrator of the song presenting himself as the captain of the ship prepared to take the listener on yet another journey. The vocals alternate between male and female and the electric guitar, bass and drums do make an appearance, but remain subtle, allowing the acoustic instruments to ring out and the lyrics to speak loud.

Nudis Manibus does not aim to create easily digestible pop songs, but the fact remains that this is a well thought out record, presenting the listener with a ticket to a journey that leads them through a variety of worlds and concepts. The efforts of Results of Adults showcase once again that Birmingham is a very diverse musical community and one in which anyone can find their next favorite band. Who knows? Results of Adults just might be yours.

New album: Results of Adults (Birmingham) - "Nudis Manubis" (YHT)

I had a chance to speak with Results of Adults member Tym Cornell recently about the new EP, their dynamic live show and using online translators to obfuscate lyrics:

You Hear This: From what I’ve heard, you all are well known for your live display. For those who haven’t seen you at a show, what should they expect and how did you arrive at such an interesting concept of the use of projections?

Tym Cornell: For someone coming to a show for the first time, our hope is that they will grow a smile on their face and the seeds of happy thoughts will be planted in their mind, similar to how your thoughts can be elevated upon seeing a rainbow on a rainy overcast day. We hope the music plus our visuals will transcend people to a happy place if just for an hour. That’s all really. We film and prepare all the projections ourselves.

YHT: Your songs differ stylistically at times, but flow together well. How did you develop a sound that is both nostalgic and yet intensely innovative?

TC: We just can’t sit still. I personally feel like I need to move on and I am naturally curious. The band as a whole have many, many influences. I frequently get musical ideas and thoughts from reading a book or checking out at a painting or an artist.

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