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Tess Brunet’s 2013 “Great Nothing” Tour – LA, MS, TN, NC, AL (MM)

09 Jan 2013

written by Mod Mobilian

Tess Brunet 2013 Southern Tour - LA, MS, TN, NC, AL

Tess Brunet


Tess Brunet

2013 “Great Nothing” Tour – LA, MS, TN, NC, AL


Tess Brunet is a New Orleans native, currently based in Nashville, who is known for her work with Dax Riggs in Deadboy & the Elephantmen, Twin Tigers, the Generationals, and most recently her project Au Ras Au Ras.

Henry Rollins has played Brunet on his show on KCRW and featured her on his show on IFC:

In her new band she’s a multi-instrumentalist, she plays keyboard and drums and other stuff as well.  She is a completely self-taught musician and if you go to my website, or the KCRW website, or the LA Weekly website and look up my radio notes you will see a really cool video that you can watch…It is a really really really cool record, she sent it to me the other day and I’m oh so thankful.  I wrote her a letter and I said “Tess, we’re going to play you on the radio, on my little show,” and she was very happy about that so we’re going to listen to a song from her brand new record.

The song “When The Night Arrives” off her first album Au Ras Au Ras was among our best of 2011:

This tour is in support of her new album The Great Nothing which is also excellent (see Ryan Johnson’s review):

Tess Brunet with Dax Riggs as Deadboy and the Elephantmen on Henry Rollins’ Show on IFC:

The Great Nothing Tour:
1.15.13 Euclid Records* New Orleans, LA 5 p.m.
1.15.13 Siberia New Orleans, LA 9 p.m.
1.16.13 Morningbell Records* Jackson, MS 5 p.m.
1.17.13 The Buccaneer Memphis, TN 9 p.m.
1.18.13 Two Old Hippies* Nashville, TN 6 p.m.
1.19.13 Apothecary Asheville, NC 8 p.m.
1.20.13 The Honest Pint Chattanooga, TN 8 p.m.
1.21.13 The Nick Birmingham, AL 8 p.m.
1.22.13 T-Bones Records* Hattiesburg, MS 5 p.m.
1.22.13 Thirsty Hippo Hattiesburg, MS 8 p.m.
1.23.13 Avalon 360 Mobile, AL 8 p.m.
1.24.13 Mud & Water Baton Rouge, LA 8 p.m.
*in-store performance/meet & greet

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