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New Album: Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil – “Catch The Presidents” (9b)

02 Apr 2013

written by Mod Mobilian



Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil: Catch the Presidents 

Originally posted on Nine Bullets



One of my promises to myself was that 2013 would be the year I got caught up on articles I wanted to write. At the top of that list was the latest offering from Doc Dailey, Catch The Presidents. Truth be told, the fact that this album hasn’t found itself featured here on the 9b has been a large source of shame for yours truly. So, I sat down here at my laptop and, as is my process, I started pulling up other reviews to see what folks might be saying about the album only to find that there really aren’t any. Even worse, there’s barely even a mention of it on Doc Dailey’s own site.

How has an album this good gone all but unnoticed? An album that deserves to be mentioned right up there with other Muscle Shoals notables such as Lee Bains’ There Is A Bomb In Gilead and The Alabama Shakes album Boys And Girls.

It might be true that this album doesn’t get up on you quite like their prior, Victims, Enemies and Old Friends did but to be fair, Victims was the first time most of us had ever heard Doc Dailey and we were all in infatuation phase. Spending every moment together and calling one another the moment we get home for work. Catch The Presidents is a year later. Infatuation has given way to familiarity. Expectations. You wanted that same magic but that only comes in those getting to know one another moments and at this point, we all know Doc.

What Catch The Presidents lacks in the immediate impact it more than makes up for in staying power. This is a better album that Victims. Hell, it’s a better album than Boys And Girls. It’s Essential Listening and we should all take some time and give it the attention it deserves. While we’re doing that, Doc should take that same day time update his website.

Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil’s Official Site, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on Facebook, Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil on Spotify, Buy Catch The Presidents

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