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Louisiana Soundtrack Experience: Preservation Outside the Hall (Podcast) (MSM)

25 May 2013

written by Mod Mobilian



Louisiana Soundtrack Experience: Preservation Outside the Hall (Podcast)

Originally posted on My Spilt Milk


In a state with as rich a musical history as Louisiana’s, musicians are faced with an interesting challenge: How do you honor that past while making contemporary music?

That question was at the heart of a panel discussion Alex Rawls moderated on Saturday, April 20 at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette as part of the Louisiana Soundtrack Experience, The Louisiana Soundtrack Experience is a partnership between Lt.-Governor Jay Dardenne‘s office, the Louisiana Department of Cultural, Recreation & Tourism, The Oxford American, and it is a year-long exploration of the state’s musical culture.

In Lafayette, we had a lineup of heavy hitters: folklorist Barry Ancelet, one of the founders of Festival Acadiens et Creoles; writer Herman Fuselier; Louis Michot from the Lost Bayou Ramblers; and Yvette Landry from Bonsoir, Catin and the Yvette Landry Band. When the panel was finished, we all felt like the conversation had said some valuable, so I approached the Lt.-Governor’s office about using it as a podcast. They kindly agreed. Thanks to Blackbird Media for pulling the live audio from their video recording of the panel.

In addition to the conversation, this podcast includes music from The Lost Bayou Ramblers’ Mammoth WaltzThe Mello Joy Boys’ Une Tasse Café, Yvette Landry’s new No Man’s Land, and the collection of rock songs played by Cajun musicians, En Francais.


Upcoming Louisiana Soundtrack Experience panels:

August 3: Ferriday, Arcade Theater. “Great Balls of Fire: Delta Blues and Rock n’Roll in Jerry Lee’s Hometown.”

November 16: New Orleans, Old U.S. Mint. “Marching in with the Saints: Coming Home to the City where Jazz was Born.”


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