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New ATX Album: Bonnie Whitmore – “There I Go Again” (TFD)

19 Jun 2013

written by Mod Mobilian





Bonnie Whitmore: There I Go Again (This Is American Music)

Originally posted on Tank Full of Dreams

by Wess Floyd

I’ve written quite a bit about the This Is American Music crowd, which is probably as sinister as it sounds – I’m good friends with the whole crew. Obvious nepotism aside, I would not write about anything I didn’t feel deserved to be heard. Bonnie Whitmore is the first girl to crash the boys club (well, aside from Kelly Kniser of Glossary). The Texas Spitfire is right at home with the label’s trailblazing and establishment challenging roster and ethos.

Miss Whitmore’s new record There I Go Again has Lone Star State sass to spare. The record blends the strong women of Classic Country like Loretta and Dolly with the independent spirit of the 90’s chick rock revival. However, there’s no need to tell the world that she’s some sassy-pants, liberated woman of the New Century…in the same way Lucinda’s “Car Wheels” & “World Without Tears” didn’t need to – Bonnie Whitmore is a sassy-pants, liberated woman of the New Century. In this way – the record makes itself very relevant to 2013.

Where Nashville has given (some may say fabricated) us a new breed of Female Rebels (Kasey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, and Ashley Monroe) who have made great tunes wide a nod to classic country, while pushing the boundaries of what has been acceptable for women to talk about in song. Whitmore may be more controversial. Bonnie’s not asking anyone for their permission, and she doesn’t feel the need to declare herself a rebel. She just is one, and she writes damn fine songs as well.

Bonnie grew up in a musical family, and this record is a family affair. Her brother-in-law Chris Masterson lends the masterful production, as well as the tasty guitar licks. Masterson dials of the jangle-power-pop when needed, other times the songs are cradled with down home harmonies & fiddle (provided by his wife, and Bonnie’s sister Eleanor). The team never loses sight of the record’s true beauty, and those are the MOST important, tried and true strengths for an artist/album to have – strong, infectious songs with a big, engage voice to deliver them.

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